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Currently, no easy way exists to determine the best panel of immunostains that will aid in the differential diagnosis of tumors, especially with the commercial explosion of available antibody reagents. To meet this need, I have developed an immunohistochemistry database query system that will: 1) list the antibodies that can differentiate between tumors entered by the user (e.g., lung adenocarcinoma vs. breast carcinoma), 2) rank the antibodies in terms of their ability to differentiate between the tumors, and 3) provide instant references to journal articles describing the reactivity of these antibodies. The query system provides a meta-analysis of the literature by utilizing a database developed over several years containing 3161 peer-reviewed references, 640,205 immunostain reactivities, 841 immunostains, and 1526 diagnoses (last updated 06/10/2008). Only articles using immunoperoxidase methods on paraffin-embedded material are included. Articles using flow cytometry or immunoperoxidase on frozen sections are excluded. After entering one, two, or three specific diagnoses, the user will obtain a ranked list of antibodies. The user can also enter one, two, or three immunostains to get a list of all combination of reactivity patterns to tested diagnoses in the database. The program reports the percentage reactivity to the tumors, the number of cases tested, the confidence interval (if possible), and the references from which the data is derived.

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developed by:
Dennis M. Frisman, MD, FCAP
Department of Pathology, Eisenhower Medical Center
Rancho Mirage, California